The 9 Huatulco bays

In the 9 bays of Huatulco, as is common in every place in Mexico, its places are full of life and festivity, but they also have various natural spaces suitable for rest, relaxation and contemplation.

Its main attraction are its 9 bays and its 36 total beaches. The bays are named:
Rabbits: has three beaches.
Tangolunda: the main hotel zone of the municipality.
Santa Cruz: It has three beaches and there is the dárcena or pier where all the boats sail, and a dock for cruise ships of international stature.
Chahué: has a marina for yachts.
Maguey: this bay of approximately 500 meters long and 25 to 50 meters wide is very visited due to the tranquility of its waters. The water is crystal clear with green and blue tones, and its environment is characterized by a unique temperate temperature.
Organ: virgin beach approximately 240 meters long and 20 meters wide; its slope is moderate, as well as its waves.
Cacaluta: receives different migratory birds year after year; a complete biological show if you run with the luck of visiting the place in its migratory season of the year.
Chachacual: is a large ecological reserve integrated into the Huatulco National Park; It has two beaches.
Virgins: Chachacual and India; to date, the only access route is by sea. It has a white coral reef just a few meters offshore; It has two beaches: San Agustín and Cacalutilla.
The Bay of Chahue, absorbs the interests and tastes of those who prefer to rest and those who enjoy happily every moment. Its diverse recreation sites for eating, dancing or having an exotic drink make this “fertile land” the excellent place to vacation.

On the other hand, La Bahía Conejos is also a space for relaxation thanks to its quiet beaches: El Tejoncito, Punta Arenas and Conejos Beach, which in turn serve as a contact with nature with its diving and fishing services, or with its famous tour of horses for experts in the equestrian sport.

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